Wednesday, February 10, 2010


What they have been doing:
What I have been doing:


  1. Looks like a very nice day. We had a really good day today, too. Now, all the little ones are sleeping peacefully, and Momma is sitting for the first time all day!

    Wishing you a peaceful evening. JMJ

  2. looks like you've been doing some wonderful things!
    what's that on the needles?
    i've been wanting to make a paper heart garland so badly...but i am feeling a not-so-good tickle in my throat.
    so sorry you are struggling with adrian. i have some ocd tendencies myself and just figure most of us probably do, but it is hard when you see something like that in a little one. as mamas we don't wish such things on little hearts and minds. give him to mother mary. she will keep her eye on him.



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