Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Madeline is doing fine...[edited with video]

She is holding steady and doing well for one born so little.

Nothing can prepare you for seeing one of these little tiny things.  Her head is the size of my palm, and I have small hands.  When she twitches and stretched and moved, I could recall feeling my own little ones twitching and stretching in my tummy, bony little limbs bopping about.

Unfortunately, most of my photos were fuzzy due to the fact that I have no idea how to properly use my camera, and I would not use the flash and stun the poor baby.  The video of Cindy changing Madeline's diaper gives you a much better idea of just how tiny she is.


  1. Precious. You are such a good friend to go and support Cindy. It must have been amazing to see in person such a tiny baby. I have only seen pictures. My heart is all about babies, babies, babies. I cannot imagine my life without a baby in it in some way... my own, nieces and nephews, hopefully grandchildren someday. I AM praying for this little one. JMJ

  2. Is there something this family needs... maybe in the form of a gift card somewhere? I have kept our prayer vine updated. Again, just amazing to view a baby so tiny.

  3. Yay for Maddie, Cindy and family. We will keep praying. This is such a very LONG road.

  4. It is very long and hard. Cindy is living apart from her family, seeing them only weekly, and her life is just about going back and forth from the Ronald McDonald House to the NICU and back. I really want her to find a Perpetual Adoration Chapel nearby and spend some time there...she needs the comfort and support of the Lord.

  5. Oh Nadja - watching that video brought back so many memories of the NICU - especially that constant beeping. And those tiny kicking legs. I am praying all the time for Cindy - it is such an emotional rollercoaster - and then when baby comes home, it is so intense the first few months. ( I have very little recollection of the twins first 8 months!)I can only imagine how sad she feels at not being home too - Abby was 2 when I spent 6 weeks in the NICU with the twins - and I felt constantly guilty. They are all in our prayers.

  6. Nadja,

    Please pass this along to Mrs. Vincent.


    The parish is within walking distance to the RMH and has 24 hour adoration.

    Beth Facemyer

  7. I will pray for this tiny little Madeline Therese! Beth

    I hope you will find time to make your child a doll before long. It is a joy to make one for a loved one.

  8. such sweet tiny kicking legs and arms...what a precious miracle that lovely baby is. bless her little heart. and i'll keep praying for her and her family. wish the world could see the tender vulnerability in ALL babies and protect them fiercly, the way they DESERVE to be protected!


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