Saturday, February 6, 2010

Adrian's birthday

I so wanted to write something in this post about this strange and amazing little boy of mine.  Because we are sick and I am feeling really awful after another rotten night, I will  not attempt to wax prosaic here, but merely list some of Adrian's characteristics that make him special to me and set him apart from his siblings:

Adrian Benedict... 
... was my tiniest baby, at 5lbs 15 0z
...was born at home, at 3:45 in the morning
...was a late talker, but now speaks better than most of his siblings did at age 5 the Godson of my dear friend Cindy and her husband, Dale
...loves dinosaurs 
...was the first of my kids to get really attached to a favorite toy ("Dolly")
...likes unusual stuffed animals (has two dinosaurs, a shark, a bat, a frog and just got an octopus)
...loves to color, draw and do puzzles
...climbs our doorways like a monkey
...has just about the most fiery temper of all his siblings
...adores Gemma to the point of driving me nuts at times the family's champion whiner
...thinks we are rich (ten times a day he asks, "Can you buy me...?")
...has lately become my shadow and always seems to be behind me a very smart and darling little boy!


  1. For a sick momma, it looks like you gave your little boy a nice b-day! John would love that octopus, especially since it is red! Very nice hat and fingerless gloves... I wish I could knit... I hear it is quite relaxing. Cute cake AND a nice tribute to your son... he'll read the list some day and know how much he was loved!

    Rest and get well!

  2. A very late Happy Birthday to Adrian from his VA buddies. We just got our power back - I can put up with 3 ft banks of snow now that I have a warming up house and LOTS of hot tea - I am going to spend all evening drinking hot tea - just because I can!!

    Hope you are all on the mend. Our prayers continue.

  3. Happy birthday to Adrian! What a blessed mama you are. And what a blessed boy he is. Hope everyone at your house is feeling better soon.

  4. I hope everyone is feeling better soon - being sick is no fun at all. Happy Birthday, Adrian!


  5. Happy Birthday Adriene! Looks like a great party.

  6. awww...happy belated birthday to your little guy. he is so darling! love those handwarmers and hat he is sportin'. did you manage those dpns?


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