Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

Well, it's not much, but for North-Central Tennessee, it's something for the kids to get excited about. Adrian, Dominic and Gemma all have colds--again!--so Gemma was kept in and the two littles were allowed out for only 30 minutes and lured back in with promises of hot cocoa, cookies and a Veggie Tales tape. The older kids braved the cold and tried our the sled made for them today by the biggest kid of all--their Papa! They also hiked down to the pond to walk on the ice for the first time in any of their lives (I reminded them that their Oma grew up in Bavaria skating on ponds every winter). Bret tested the ice to make sure it was sound.

They came tumbling in with numb fingers and cheeks all aglow. It was really nice to see.


  1. Love the home made sled! We got a lot of snow here and more is on the way. Its pretty cold and windy though; so we won't be going out to play in it. Glad your kids had fun!

  2. What fun! My kids are hoping for snow overnight here, but I told them it is doubtful. The prediction is light snow showers with no accumulation. Maybe we will be surprised in the morning... I am sure they are all up in their beds dreaming of it right now!

    Good night... JMJ


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