Monday, January 4, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook for 4 January 2010

Outside my window…a nippy 18 degrees. No snow, but we are hopeful...

I am thinking…about the new year, of course, and the continuation of the school year. This month I will be working out what I hope will be a workable schedule for household and school. What schedule I had--and it was pretty loose to start with--fell apart during Advent. Without a schedule, nothing much was getting done and stuff began to pile up. I need to restore order. Also, I think the kids, although the groan at the beginning of a new schedule, are more contented when they know the drill and what is expected of them.

I am thankful for…a new year. 2009 wasn't a banner year for us, and I am looking forward to a better one.

From the kitchen...Raisin-Bran Muffins, I think. It seems a good thing to heat up the oven on a morning like this.

I am creating…I just finished another hat for Gemma in a soft lavender wool from Elizabeth D., and I am not sure if I will be doing a hat for Una or fingerless gloves for the boys. I do know that I am itching to do something on double-pointed needles...

I am reading ...A Mother's Rule of Life . It's very good thus far, but a little scary. I am afraid of committing to something and failing to stick to my commitment. But it's good to get a little sand in your pants now and then to stir things up and make you rethink what you may be doing wrong. I do think I need to put God at the center of things not just in word, but in deed.

I am hoping...for not too much tension and strife as we ease back into school this week.

I am hearing…Nothing! Dead quiet.

A few plans for the rest of the week: tweaking my schedule to make it work is at the top of the list. Taking down the Christmas tree and putting away all the ornaments after the 6th, so as to have space in my workroom again. Piggy goes to the butcher on the 6th as well. And I need to order cod liver oil, iron and tea today. Call our parish about Masses for our family for this year.

I am praying...for our family and friends. As mentioned above, I want to have a Mass for my family every month this year, plus a Mass for each individual family member. According to my New Year's resolution and our new schedule, I will be praying more with the children throughout the day.

Picture Thought: Gemma at three days old, nearly six months ago. Where has the time gone? Where has all that hair gone...?

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  1. My schedule fell apart in September, and I'm also working on putting one back together.

  2. Oh, Nadja, where does the time go? My oldest baby is 22 y/o and now on his own... my youngest baby is now 18 months old! I look at her at night while she sleeps next to me, and I feel an aching, a sadness, knowing at my age it is unlikely that there will be anymore. What will I do without a baby in the house?

    As far as tweaking... I hope you work it all out and find a schedule that suits you and your family. I tend to be overly-organized but have learned over the years to let it all go when I must. My only real goal for 2010 is to pray more and, like you, to include my children in more prayer time.

    Peace and joy to you this 2010!


  3. I'm looking forward to a better year, too!

    Precious photo!

  4. I think everything goes better with order and structure. Wishing a great 2010 for you and your family.
    Mama Bear

  5. we are in recovery mode this week too. and the worse part about it is my big boys will be leaving camping with my dad, so that will throw another monkey wrench in our schedule. i am tempted to give up. but how can i when it is a NEW YEAR for crying out loud!
    mother's rule of life can be overwhelming. i have read it a few times. implemented some of the good things it had to offer and fell back. but like you said, sometimes we need that. God has to be the center. and as important as it is, why does that always fall to the wayside? i have this longing for HIM in my heart. in our home. in our days. but it seems like shutting all the busyness out and praying like we should happens too little. i guess we just have to keep praying about it and asking the Blessed Mother for her powerful intercession.
    can't wait to see what you knit next. double points aren't hard at all. i seem to have more trouble with circulars. i started a scarf and i don't like it, but the diamond stitch isn't easy, it takes me forever and i've already taken it out once. i have such a love/hate relationship with knitting. handwarmers are not hard at all. YOU CAN DO IT! my little max is waiting for a blue pair as we speak. i probably won't get started until wednesday or so though....
    that picture of gemma is just full of yummy baby goodness...but really, where does the time go?
    my biggest baby turns 16 in february. imagine that. he is driving. and it seems like only yesterday he was just as gemma is...sigh.
    well, stay warm, friend. have a blessed week.

    ps. i have a little something i am sending you, but don't hold your breath as i am so terrible at getting to the post office. they have the worst lines....but i want to send a little goodness your way. it's not much though.

  6. Enjoyed your daybook. Thanks for sharing.


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