Friday, January 29, 2010

Seven Quick Takes on Friday, Volume 67

The weather is not cooperating.  I do not think that we will be traveling this to Louisville this weekend.  What's more, Bret has developed a full-blown cold, so if Gemma and I, or either of us, come down with anything, we won't be able to visit Cindy and Madeline anyway.  It is all very frustrating, but in God's hands, not mine.

Is Gemma hungry, teething, or on the brink of another cold?  She is 7 months old, has never slept through the night, and last night awakened every 2 hours to nurse.  Pacifier wouldn't do it.  She needed me.  Why don't I feel flattered?  Is it because I feel like a life-support system for a pair of breasts I'm so tired my eyes are crossing?  Maybe...

Wednesday seems to be the day the schedule falls apart, and I hope to be ready for it next week.  Yesterday was dreadful.  Una wasn't getting the math and was getting crabby, Sebastian and I went head-to-head, Gabe was a grump (rarely is he so--he's the mellow phlegmatic in this family of hot-heads) and Adrian and Dominic were trying to kill one another all day.  I got behind, got mad at Adrian for referring to dinner as "slop" , made the Worst Chicken Pot Pie Ever, apologized to Adrian for sending him to his room and admitted that dinner was slop (I sure hope our pig enjoyed it more than we did), and then my evening glass of wine gave me heartburn--and I never get heartburn, even when I'm pregnant. 

Consequently, I am throwing in the towel today.  After looking at some lovely crafty blogs this morning, I thought that perhaps we could just do our math and spelling tests and then goof around with art and craft stuff.  I'm a nicer person when I have time to play with the kids.  I don't like it when they are all doing something fun and I have to wash the floors...maybe we can bake some cookies, too. 

Either our dust-bunnies have developed digestive systems, or else our Clementine found a nice spot behind our TV cabinet, because there is quite an a trove of rabbit droppings there.  Would that they were gold...

I really love those wonderful movies of saints' lives made in Italy.  We have seen Padre Pio, St. Maria Goretti, St. John Bosco, Francis and Clare, and we have St. Rita lined up for this evening.  What I don't love are subtitles on a 13" television screen.  We aren't much for TV viewing, and all we've ever had are tiny sets with built-in VCRs, and they are just fine for us--until we are squinting at subtitles.  Will someone please dub these wonderful films?

It's snowing...

Now visit Jen's Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes...and have a good weekend!


  1. Oh it is so frustrating when a dinner doesn't turn out well! Maybe wednesday's can be your freezer meal day, or crock-pot?

  2. I think it's teething. Alianna has started refusing the binky too, and pushing it away. Also, she's starting to develop a will where she can assert preferences!

  3. Sounds like a rough week :(. Yay for taking it easy on Friday, though (school wise).

    Praying for you! :)

  4. I always feel better after a "visit" with you! We are in some kind of funk... everyone seems irritable and impatient. I feel like all I do is try to keep the peace from the time everyone gets up until they are all settled down for the night. It makes me feel really awful that my children can be so hateful toward each other... I thought we were attempting to raise them to be Christ-like!?

    It is much too early to be thinking of this, but I am longing for summer and to open up our pool. The kids swim from breakfast to bedtime... everyone is happy and exhausted (but in a good and healthy way)! :)

    I am sorry you will not get to visit your friend. I am sure just knowing that you wanted to and were willing to make the trip made her feel loved!

    Peace, dear Nadja!

  5. Praying for you all to be healthy Nadja. And we are continuing prayers for Cindy, Madeline and all the family.

    Gemma and Anna must be talking to each other. After months of sleeping well Miss Anna wakes up every couple of hours to nurse, too. Not sure what it is...

    Re the movies - we watched John Bosco tonight - our first Ignatius Press one. Incredible movie - I was in tears a lot. BTW - after watching in Italian for about 10 minutes (which Steve was enjoying as he majored in Italian!) - Abby figured out that the dvd had an English soundtrack version (you had to go into options at the start?)Not sure your dvds are the same version as ours - but you may want to check...

  6. so did the pig like the chicken pot pie? or did it feel like a "traitor" eating a fellow "animal"?

    it is such a bummer when food goes terribly wrong. and even more terrible when the kids SAY it outloud.

    i am really trying not to laugh that he called it slop. that is actually pretty "creative". leave it to a homeschooler! :)

    and do you mean to tell me YOU fight with your boys????
    so glad to know i am not the only seems like that is all i ever do these days.

    i am beginning to see this phase of my life like this:
    it was the best of was the worst of times....

    and you did well by getting crafty. it really is the only thing one can do to keep some semblance of sanity.

    it is amazing what poisonous feelings of resentment tend to seep out of a person's mind whilst on hands and knees. scrubbing away every ounce of charity.

    ESPECIALLY when the little mess makers blissfully play and laugh. without a care in the world!

    have a blessed weekend friend.

    i still have a little package for you. i'll try to get it in the mail this week.

    the lazy perfectionist

  7. Dear Nadja,
    Oh you poor thing. I am sorry that you may not be abel to go on your trip.
    I know I am a better Mummy when I feel uptight and do some fun stuff with the kids, or let it all go and settle down for a craft break.
    Hopefully you will be able to work out why Gemma is so unsettled.
    Where do you get your saint DVD's from I would love to see some.
    Praying for you
    God Bless
    P.S. I am still working on the Tutorial for the Marionettes. I have almost finished my school plans and then I will finish it. I hope you can wait for it, and that it is worth waiting for!!

  8. What a beautiful chance to practice the virtue of humility by apologizing to your son. My parents never apologized to us and I promised myself I would when I had children. Good for you.

  9. My soon to be seven months old guy has rarely if at all slept through the night and recently he too has been waking up every two to three hours for the past few nights. I know it was partly due to a cold one night; otherwise I just assume he's hungry. I never thought of teething. It does get aggravating though doesn't it?


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