Friday, December 11, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 61

Two weeks until Christmas, and here is the short list of what I have not yet done: baked, decorated, wrapped gifts or mailed cards. What on earth, you might ask, have you been doing, Nadja? Good question. It deserves an answer.

I've been making stuff. I am finally down to one sleeve seam and three buttons to complete Una's sweater. I have a pair of long soakers knitted up for Gemma, but they were curling too much to sew up, so I blocked them yesterday. I made a few more gifts and ornaments, and I have written out and addressed the first of my cards this morning. Why does it take so much time to get so little done? I think it must have something to do with all these little people who keep interrupting my various activities with demands for food and attention.

I need to be very efficient and to try to squeeze in an extra hour early in the morning and late in the evening so that I can get everything done in the next seven days. I am hoping to spend at least the last week of Advent doing things with the kids. Baking up all the frozen cookie dough, making ornaments and cards for neighbors, watching movies and reading stories. And drinking lots and lots of hot cocoa!

Every year I aim for The Perfect Advent--or at least something more akin to Marilyn's Advent with her family. And every year I get lost in the same blizzard of activity. And every year I say, "I will do better next year."

One thing I am doing this morning is looking at the Crafty Crow for some easy crafts the kids can do. For the last couple of days they have been taking advantage of my busyness and talking me into videos and computer games when schoolwork is done. I know that Una at least has been wanting to "make something". The boys would rather whine for videos and computer games, but maybe I can get them doing something more constructive for an hour or so today.

My sister has just moved into her new home. It's only 15 minutes away, but after having her only a minute away for the last 7 years, it seems far. We are supposed to build on the property adjoining hers, but have to get this place fixed up and sold before we can afford to build. Sometimes it seems like it will never happen, but I am looking forward to it, whenever it finally does happen.

Please say an Ave for my dad, who is going through a particularly rough spot right now.

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  1. OK Nadja - time for some truth telling here. This has been the quietest Advent to date for me - but if you read the very first post on my Advent to Remember - it is also the one where I am just resting in God and savoring the season. Usually photo cards and newsletters are mailed before Advent starts - this year I am not doing mailed cards but an online greeting and maybe a newsletter. Normally all gifts are wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree before Advent starts - this year not ONE is wrapped and umm..I have started to forget where I have been hiding the gifts and Saint Anthony is called upon regularly. No big crafts have been children are enjoying a relaxed (or at least less stressed - not sure you can ever describe me as relaxed!!) mother and we are working more on "preparing our hearts" and cultivating peace and joy in our home. We focus on our evening meal with Jesse tree, Advent wreath and family readalouds. I am not as creative and skilled in crafts as you are - but I am working on some hand made gifts - but refusing to get stressed by them. And maybe not looking at other blogs and seeing the flurry of activity and picture perfect Advents is helping me to focus more on what I can do. I have so been inspired by your blog and what you accomplish - you are one blog I always read. And I wish I could get up before 5am like you do...

  2. Nadja, If you are anything like me, you expect far more of yourself than you would ever expect of another. I suspect you would reassure and encourage someone who was setting goals for themselves and not meeting them! My husband always tells me that he wishes I would be as kind to myself as I am to others. Taking care of the little people in your life is the priority... everything else is a bonus! I am typing with a sick little one in my arms, so I am not sure I am making sense! PEACE!

  3. Dear Nadja,
    I also long for the perfect Advent. I am in the throws of depression here wondering if we will ever sell our house and be together on the property we have dreamed of our whole married lives, 23 years, which we cannot even buy until we sell here.
    If you read my 7 quick takes you will find you are not alone in your wishing for the perfect Advent as we have done, well I really am embarrased to say virtually nothing of our Advent plans save a few feast days.

  4. Wow, between my post and your comments, we could rename it, "True Advent Confessions."

    Advent and Lent always make me aware of how much I fall short of my own ideal.

    Oh, well--I do try, and perhaps my gain in humility is worth more to God than my success...


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