Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let the baking begin!

A dog-eared, stained composition book, a stack of recipes printed off from the internet, loads of stockpiled ingredients and the weapons with which I do battle each year, and I am ready to begin the holiday baking. The madness in my kitchen is thankfully only an annual malady, but it is such that the kids may end up eating cereal for dinner if I'm in a frenzy...


  1. Oh, Nadja, the cookies look professionally made! The snowflake cookies are just gorgeous! Wow!

  2. Dear Nadja,
    Wow those are just beautiful. How many do you do of each ?
    We are hoping to start ours tomorrow.
    God Bless

  3. Whoa, you AMAZE me, woman!

    So, did you turn down the heat in your house so you can drink tea and Irish whiskey with me? ; )

  4. I try to make about cookie dough for about a minimum of 6 dozen of each type. The stars and snowflakes are of the same dough, so there are about 3 dozen of each.

    I give away a lot of cookies!

  5. O.W.: I always keep the house pretty cool and we dress warm and drink a lot of tea. I've been nursing the same bottle of Jamesons for years. For "medicinal purposes", you understand...!

  6. Forget Martha Stewart - these are incroyable!!! Knits, bakes and is one glamorous 40 something mama - who homeschools, likes Mr Bean and indulges in good quality whisky -
    i know how to pick good friends!! (and I am saying nothing about how generous and kind!!)


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