Monday, December 28, 2009

Handmade this Christmas

There's nothing like budget constraints to foster creativity! Here are a few of the things that we made this Christmas:

Una's doll bed, which Bret made and for which I made the covered mattress, pillow, fitted sheet and pillow case. I ran out of time and so we still need to make a blanket, comforter or quilt.
My mother received a new Christ Candle, which she hopes to have blessed on the Feast of the Presentation. Ideally, it would then be taken to the Easter Vigil Mass and be lit from the Christ candle there.
I already posted photos of a few of the things Bret and I made for Gemma. The oval with the handle is a rattle filled with some little red beans. It has a nice, mellow sound.
I made each of the children a little felt/wooden bead gnome as a stocking-stuffer. Here are four of them around the wool-roving fire. The idea came from Magic Cabin.
Rice-filled hand-warmers cut from an old felted sweater and decorated with a needle-felted heart by Una. These are for Bret, who can put them in his pockets when he goes out to milk the cow in the morning.
A little Waldorf-inspired baby in a walnut shell. This was pretty easy, and I made several as gifts. I think I will make a lot of these next year for our local craft fairs and swap meets.Maybe after the new year I should begin stockpiling things for Christmas 2010!


  1. These handmade gifts will be treasured for a lifetime and maybe even passed down to future generations! Awesome! God bless

  2. My friend - you are incredible. I REALLY think you and Bret could turn all this creativity into a business. That giraffe is so very cute - it looks "professionally" made - as do all the other things. Those things are sold for such high prices in Magic Cabin, Nova Natural and other Waldorf catalogs. I can tell you that Anna LOVES her "raffie" and we have had lots of comments in the last couple of days about the walnut ornament. Thank you for your generosity.

  3. Wow! You have created some wonderful stuff that will likely bless future generations as well.

  4. Thank you! It's been fun doing all of these things. I think I am as displeased as the kids at having to get back to schooling next week...I, too, would rather "play" with my crafts!

  5. Simply amazing!!!!! You should really think about selling these. I love them.

  6. You are super talented!!! I just love seeing your inspiring creativity! Your images evoke such a feeling of warmth and goodness! How beautiful! Very inspiring!

    I've been meaning to get over here to your blog for awhile and I'm so glad I finally did! I'll be back! God bless you richly this holy season!

  7. Dear Nadja,
    These are lovely. Some of my happiest times with the children is when I make things with them or for them.
    Our Eden made a little walnut baby for Arwen. I am sure she would love yours as well.
    God Bless

  8. Could you please give some guidance on how you made your Mothers Christmas/Easter candle. Yours is beautiful!!!!!

  9. Thank you again! I do hope that we can eventually sell a few things and offset the cost of home schooling!

    As for the candle, since I can't email you, B., really all I did was draw my designs (numerals, alpha and omega, etc) on the paper backing of some decorating wax sheets and then cut with a scalpel. To apply them, I pressed them into place, covered with wax paper and warmed with a blow dryer (my workroom is pretty cold, so the wax didn't want to adhere)and pressed in place with my fingers, then peeled off the paper backing.

    My wax sheets are from a shop in Munich (mom picked them up for me at my request), but Nova Naturals has a set in many colors for $18.


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