Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'm pretty well done for today. Too little sleep and a cold, but it could be worse. At least I have most things squared away. The last of the cookies are baked, the gifts are all purchased/made/wrapped. The tree is up and decorated. The cards didn't all get out, but I won't beat myself up too much over that. Nor have I the strength to fret over cleaning oversights.

For tomorrow's dinner I'm making this clam chowder with fresh, whole-grain bread and a few little finger-food appetizers.

And now to bed. Tomorrow still has its chores--getting everyone bathed, making mini portobello mushroom quiches, hanging the stockings--but most of the real work is done, and I will look forward now to the moment when I lift my feet off the ground and coast into Christmas. As always, I wish I was more ready for the Divine Infant's coming than I am (I mean, shouldn't I be absolutely awestruck and bowled over by the reality of the Incarnation? And yet I can still get caught up in a million mundane temporal details instead...), but I suppose that as long as I know how ridiculous and petty I am, there is some hope for my salvation.

I'd best be off to bed now...I am yawning several times a minute. Good night, all!


  1. Merry Christmas, Nadja! Danielle Bean has an excellent post, "Pause". I linked it to everyone in my address book.
    I am having to read it and re-read it, because as usual, my expectations have been too high. I am a very organized perfectionist and have managed to keep everything right on schedule... and yet everything seems to be crumbling around me! Sick children, bickering children, up all night with a baby! I surrender... I am going to tend to my family and let things happen as they may. My focus now... my children and the Christ child. Peace and love, Annita

  2. ooohh, clam chowder!
    i've been wanting to make some for a while now, but just haven't.
    i ate some on our recent trip up the coast and it was pretty good.
    served in a bread bowl made it even better.
    and those portabella mushroom quiches sound divine!
    i like to make them crab stuffed, but haven't made any of those in a while either.
    well, dear nadja, sounds like you feel the way i do. i wish i was "more" ready. but i never am. today i pondered all the "things" left undone. pondered how advent could've and should've been holier. but it's just so hard with these growing kids. why does it seem with hindsight that things were easier way back when. even though they probably weren't.
    so settling for good enough has to be on the menu tonight as we eat a meatless meal. stay close to home. and wait...for the birth of salvation...which is far too important to be limited to ONE day a year.

    wishing you and your precious family a very blessed Christmas.


    ps. i got your sweet card. i haven't sent mine out yet. and i do so wish we could have a chance to sit back together, like you said and maybe even enjoy a spot of tea together....or maybe even a good glass of wine...but perhaps someday, friend.


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