Friday, November 13, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Volume 58, The Cranky, Tired Baby Edition

This week has gone by so quickly, I can hardly believe it's already Friday. Cooking meat, doing laundry, making butter, searching for recipes, browsing for Christmas ideas, teaching school and all the usual mommy stuff has made the whole week a blur.

We have been enjoying the Father Brown Mysteries from Netflix. These are great! I have never read any of the stories from Chesterton, but I think Una is hooked and would love to pick up a volume some time.

Una made homemade potato-leek soup for us tonight. It was quite good, and Bret and I ate plenty, but the boys, not being fond of most soups, put up their noses. Una is used to hearing one of them or another gripe at every dinner, so she was not disturbed by it.

I didn't have any wine or ice cream after all, but I took a long, therapeutic shower. I feel nearly human again.

Tomorrow we go in search of mattresses for a new set of bunk beds. We need to move three and a half year-old Dominic out of his crib finally so that Gemma may move in. Honestly, I wish our bedroom wasn't so small, so that I could keep her with us for her first year at least, but we haven't any room for the crib, nor would we have room for a king sized bed, even if we could afford one.

I'm hoping to find some great sites for crafty gifts and recipes, and to post the links here. I am also going through my own files searching for sewing, knitting, simple woodworking and other projects I've saved over the last year or so. I'm always bitten by a craft bug this time of year, although I wish it would bite in the spring so that I could work on things for the better part of the year and have a nice cache by December!

A sleepy, cranky baby girl is responsible for the super-quick takes this week. I need to get back to her and to Father Brown!

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  1. Miss Anna moved to a crib a little while ago - but thankfully we still have it in our room (can you not fit the crib where the cosleeper was?) Good luck with the bunk beds - we got some on craigslist last year and got a good deal on a new mattress from one of the mattress stores - remember to measure if it is for the top bunk

  2. Dear Nadja,
    i hear it is your birthday on sunday (I have no idea of time zones) I pray you have/had a beautiful day with your family
    God Bless


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