Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Feast of All Saints

We had a great day yesterday, even though Bret was gone all day until 8:30 p.m. installing the new altar at Our Lady of the Caves and we didn't get to have our planned bonfire. The kids had a fabulous time with Halloween Bingo (Adrian plays with enormous intensity!), Pin the Head on the Horseman and our annual treasure hunt for candy. Then they lay around eating candy and watching vintage Scooby Doo from Netflix. After a pizza dinner, they had "dirt" cupcakes for dessert (chocolate frosting with crushed Oreo crumbs and a gummy worm on top). Dominic crashed at 6:30 from a sugar overdose and slept all night. Everyone else forfeited their candy an hour before dinner and agreed not to have any more until after Mass today. Whew!
Today is a wonderful feast. An extra hour to get ready for Mass is a lovely gift, and so is the sight of the sun shining on the frost.Have a beautiful, blessed All Saints Day!

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  1. Happy All Saints to your family! It sounds like you all had fun last night. We had a rainy Halloween (NC - Charlotte area), but fun nonetheless. The kids did not mind the rain at all, and it was warm. Time now to finish up my Thanksgiving planning! Have a nice day. JMJ


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