Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A beautiful afternoon...

We went out to enjoy some fine autumn weather and to gather acorns for our piggies. Gemma is still small enough to wear on my front, which is good since we don't own a fancy all-terrain stroller.


  1. It does look like a beautiful afternoon! We spent much of the day at the eye doctor and then at Walmart picking out frames. Although my 7-year-old looks adorable in the frames we picked out, I would have preferred a glorious afternoon outside! It must be nice to have land to explore. God bless

  2. pretty. pretty.
    i sure wish things around here looked more "fallish"!
    i am trying not to be jealous.

  3. Beautiful pictures! We too did not make it outside with dentists etc - but finally had a family walk in the dark which was fun with the full moon.

  4. I've a dental this morning...hoping Gemma will behave well for Bret and Una while I'm in the chair!

  5. Annita--are you in Charlotte, NC? What parish? We spent 7 years in Plaza-Midwood...

  6. Yeah, well, Matthews actually. We have lived here a long time ~ 25 years! My husband is from NY; my father was with IBM, so we moved a lot. Because of that, it has been important to me to stay put! We are members of St. John Neumann. It has been a troubled parish for some time, but we have stuck it out, and now have two wonderful, devoted, traditional priests... the pews are filling up again. Thanks for asking. I enjoy your blog! JMJ


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