Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another Christmas gift for Gemma

This time from Bret. I drew out the pattern, and sometime later he had this:An easy-to-grip maple teether. It's sanded silky-smooth. I know she'll love it, because she loves gumming my wooden cooking spoons!

All this creativity is rooted in the fact that my favorite toy catalogs are too pricey for our budget. Right now my "wishbook" is the Nova Naturals catalog. Lots of pretty things, but many are out of our price range. So I try to come up with similar items that Bret can make in his shop, or which I can sew up.


  1. With such talent and creativity there is no need to spend money, and your children will treasure these homemade gifts... especially when they are grown and can fully appreciate the effort. I wish I had such talent. I love to do arts and crafts with the kids, but I am right on their level! :)

  2. I love the name Gemma. I tried to talk my husband into naming our little one that, but he nixxed it. :p

    Instead we went with Rebecca after his mother. I'm okay with that one too, but if I'm blessed with another girl someday I'm putting Gemma back up there at the top of the list.

  3. Oh, so touchable! I also Nova Naturals, but I've never actually gotten my husband into the shop to make our own.

  4. I am blessed with a handy father-in-law. He duplicated a Nova Naturals kitchen out of scrap wood for my daughter. A treasure to keep forever! I did splurge on the vegetable slicing set (slices attached with velcro) for a Christmas gift. After looking at your husband's handiwork, though, I bet he could duplicate that!

  5. The kitchen set will be something to make for Gemma's 2nd birthday! Right now Bret is doing something else for one of the kids (can't say what, as Una reads my blog and may spill the beans!) and making a rattle I designed for the baby. I got the Melissa and Doug food slicing set on Amazon for Dominic's last birthday.

  6. Wow. Another absolutely perfect baby gift! You and your husband are so talented!


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