Friday, October 30, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Volume 56

I didn't do the Small Successes post this week because I couldn't come up with three. I have our little party planned, but in doing so I let much fall by the wayside, including finishing the batch of butter I've sitting in the fridge, giving haircuts to two very shaggy little boys, and doing much in school this week besides the core subjects.

Today was a perfect day for baking and planning our Halloween party--overcast, mild, with a wild wind driving the leaves across the yard and through the air. That wind is bringing a change--nearly 20 degrees cooler tomorrow.

The combination of cold weather and a baby girl make me wish I could spend a week or two in bed with tea and wool yarn, knitting baby things! I love seeing Gemma in hand-knit booties and soakers. I want to knit little sweaters and pants and hats. I am afraid Gemma will grow faster than I can knit...

Speaking of making things, I find that it is really important for my mental health to do so. I am happiest on those days when I make something, or work at making something. It can be a knitting project, a paper mask for Dominic, or a stack of diaper doublers for Gemma, but I need to create to feel contented. I feel most frustrated when I have a day in which circumstances prevent me from doing anything creative.

Sebastian chose Boy's Town over Batman tonight to watch on VHS. The kid has taste.

Gemma is a great napper, but not so good at night. She has been refusing to sleep in her co-sleeper for more than half an hour, and then nurses all night long. This has put my mammary glands on a night schedule--I seem to be full all night long and produce very little during the day. And this has become a vicious cycle. She nurses at night because that's when there's milk, and there's milk then because that is when she nurses...

I am off to sip Mother's Milk tea, knit with pink yarn and watch what's left of Boy's Town.

Check out Jennifer's Conversion Diary for more Seven Quick Takes, and get on the bandwagon of you haven't already! And have a great weekend.

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