Friday, October 2, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Volume 53

We made it to Mass again this morning, by the skin of our teeth. It is amazingly difficult to get the whole crew out the door by 7:20 a.m., but I think I can trim our time considerably by setting out clothes and setting the table the night before. It was nice to get to Mass for the Feast of the Guardian Angels.

My mom leaves for her trip to Rome and thereabouts tomorrow. She will see Assisi and Venice and Padua as well. She will be at an ordination Mass at St. Peter's. No, I'm not jealous. I'm not. Really, I'm not. (And maybe if I keep telling myself that I will actually come to believe it...)

Count on me to miss photo opportunities for recording monumental moments. Like Dominic's first ride on an escalator at the mall (not to mention that he'd not been to a mall since babyhood). Oh, you'd have thought we were at the State Fair. He was so impressed. Yep...our kids are hayseeds, which is an amazing accomplishment for Bret and myself, as we are rather well-traveled and I spent most of my life in big cities. Yessiree, I had the Bronx Zoo, the Museum of Natural History, the Gugenheim and Shakespeare in the Park. My kids have the escalator at Rivergate Mall...(don't email me on this--I know how blessed my kids are to grow up free and wild in the country. One day they will know it, too.)

The reason for the trip to the mall was this:

Is she not precious with her little earrings? Una had hers done at five months, and I must say that a younger baby wiggles less. She did cry--for less than 30 seconds, and after a nursing was just fine, if a little out of sorts for being dragged around to Mass and on errands for nearly 7 hours. She's sleeping it off as I write this.

The day began rainy and miserable, but is sunny and breezy now. The weekend looks like fine autumn weather. And I am on a teacher-holiday until Columbus day. Next week is my "Get My Act Together Week"--a time for a little planning for next 6 weeks of school and menus, plus some pre-holiday planning.

Do not get Taco Bell Bean Burrito on your front if you have a baby. People may think that baby had a diaper blow-out and that you are the unfortunate casualty.

I have a confession to make. I just ate an entire can of sliced beets. I don't like beets hot, but I love them chilled. Eaten out of the can. With my fingers, over the sink. I like the bright pink on my finger tips. It feels so primitive. It's like the vegetarian version of eating raw meat.

I plan to have a good weekend. I hope yours will be really good, too.

Now y'all mosie on over to Jen's Conversion Diary for more Seven Quick Takes! Y'all come back now, y'hear?


  1. I had to lol on #7, I do the same thing. I like them chilled and right from the can. Yum!

    We rogue beet eaters need to stick together! ;)

  2. love those pretty earrings on that baby girl! did you cry when she got them pierced? i did. i almost chickened out. my sil had to make me stay. i felt so terrible.


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