Friday, August 21, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 48

I am brain-dead this morning, so excuse the possible typos, double-posts and overlooked misspellings. Gemma-dear slept for an hour at bedtime, then awoke and decided that she would practice vocalizing until 11:30 pm. With her on one side going, "Eh-eh-eh-eh" for the last hour before falling asleep and Bret on the other snoring loudly, I felt ready to have my own bedroom. Preferably in someone else's house.

Made some headway on setting up a timeline-book to be used this year. I have had the book--a giant sketch-book, the biggest one available, for over a year, but found the task of breaking it up to cover the whole of history so daunting that I put it away. I don't know if what I did yesterday will work well, but is has got to be better than nothing.

It is woefully evident that my kids really need to focus on some Geography and History this year. I can't bring myself to relate to you some of the questions my kids have asked about where this place or that is on the map, or when this event occurred. Let's just say that we have some big gaps to fill this year!

Do ya think that a toddler can be retro-fitted with a volume-control?

If I don't get a menu plan in place this weekend, I will not survive the first week of school. Well, I might, but it would mean serving the kids cold cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week.

Gemma is still too pimply and weird-looking to post photos of her. Sorry if this statement is offensive to those moms who think every infant is gorgeous, but the good Lord forgot to give me those rose-tinted glasses. This may sound cruel, but other than Sebastian, all my babies looked weird to me until they got somewhere past the first eight weeks. I don't feel this way about all babies--I have seen plenty of newborns that don't look weird and squishy, who are truly tiny aesthetic masterpieces--but not among my own.

Seven Quick Takes has taken me three hours to post this morning...maybe I ought to host my own version: Seven Syllable Takes.

Now go visit Jen at Conversion Diary to take a peek at other Quick Takes, and have a nice weekend, y'all!


  1. I know what you mean about the pimply look--my daughter was like that, too, bless her heart!

  2. Dear Nadja,
    I feel for you in your struggles this week.
    I know God forgot to fit that volume control on our own children too.
    I pray you feel organised for your schooling soon.

    I have passed on a loyalty award to you on my blog.♥

    God Bless

  3. volume control? GENIUS!

    gimme a close up of feet in ruffly socks-an elbow! anything!

    raw honey mixed with cinnemon (put on at night) is great on that newborn acne (like equal parts I think)

    ONE of my babies was a picture-perfect use for mag ads baby-the rest looked like monkeys-different kinds of monkeys (Laurel was a gorilla, Lily a baby Orangutan etc)but monkeys one and all. I'll never forget telling a lady that and seeing her disbelieving look and shock at my words-so I covered baby Lily's mouth with her blankie and lady laughed so hard she cried! LOL--a big reason my cell phone ring-tone is the theme from the monkees BTW!

  4. I want volume control for toddler and 5 year old - especially at 6am!! Lucky that Anna can sleep through it - lucky girl.

    I will be praying for you as you start school this week. I am putting it off for another week at least!


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