Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How'd it go?

The first day of school was...okay. I am trying to smooth out the rough spots in my lesson plan and keep it somewhat flexible. For instance, I have decided that I cannot do History and Science at the same time and do justice to either, so, since I am working in six-week blocks, I will do three weeks of History, and then three weeks of Science. I have a timeline book worked out this year as well, so as we read about people or events in any topic we can place them on the timeline.

The toughest thing is keeping everyone busy while I work with one child individually. There isn't too much to keep Gabriel and Sebastian busy for long, and I don't like them wandering off. I haven't quite figured it out yet.

The midwife had a birth to attend, so she didn't make it by for our 6-week check up. Rescheduled for Wednesday.

Okay, I have to go and get things ready for the day. Hope your day goes well, too!

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  1. i know what you mean about the wandering off thing. my kindergartener actually broke one of the upstairs windows on the first day of school. he had a little cousin over visiting and while i blissfully read shakespeare with the other kids, he and his cousin were throwing gi joes out the upstairs windows, got some of them stuck on the roof, went downstairs and outside and started "throwing" stuff at the toys on the roof to "get them down". well, my son, who i am going to put into baseball, as he must have the greatest pitching arm, threw one of those toys SO hard that it hit one of the windows. which still amazes me because they are up so high...
    anyway, sorry for babbling...
    but what is it with my boys and breaking windows....
    i don't know that there is a perfect solution for this, except rotations, where someone is always keeping an eye on the little one(s).
    let me know if you figure something out...


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