Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dominic's Nameday, Baptismal Feast and Belated Birthday

Dominic's cake. I managed to finish it while he was down at the pond with Bret this morning and Una held a little Gemma who did not feel like being put down.

The birthday boy himself. The hand in the frame is Bret's--trying to keep Dominic from blowing out the candles before we had finished our raucous, off-key "Happy Birthday to You." He didn't succeed.

My happy little guy. He has become something of a tyrant in the last few months, but who can be tyrannical with a mouth full of dinosaur cake?

The answer to that last question is, Dominic can. He absolutely refused to let us cut the dinosaur. Note Bret's creative cake-cutting. I told him that the dinosaur wanted to live in our tummies because it reminded him of his cave back home, but Dom wasn't impressed.

And then there are the presents! Fun to open, not so fun to listen to the boys fight over them for the rest of the day. A cake, presents, lousy singing and a bunch of siblings to make a fuss about you...not a bad day, all in all...

We Love You, Baby Boy! Happy, happy birthday, Dominic!


  1. What a great cake! Three year olds are so stubborn, but oh so cute.

  2. I am very late - but happy happy birthday and feast day to Dominic - lots of hugs from his Virginia buddies. I am so totally impressed by that dinosaur cake - Matthew now wants one for Saint Matthew's Day (closer than his birthday) - but I am having a hard time trying to associate the symbol of a dinosaur with Saint Matthew!!


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