Saturday, August 15, 2009

Assumption Picnic at the Fathers of Mercy

The Feast of the Assumption is a big day for the Fathers of Mercy. On this day the seminarians profess temporary or perpetual vows. Today we had young men making their vows, and it is always very moving watching them prostrate themselves during the Litany of the Saints, and kneel to make their vows before the Superior General of the Congregation.

All of this is capped off with the annual Assumption Picnic. Good food, good Catholic fellowship, lots of priests, seminarians and visiting sisters. I wish I had taken more photos, but I was sweating with Gemma in her Moby-type wrap and chatting an awful lot. I think I can post a few without offending the subjects of my lens...

Here is my sister and my nephew...
And here is my brother-in-law with another nephew and three of my boys...

Here are a few good people waiting in the heat for food. If you look to the left of the tree in the background, there I am with Gemma on my front, her little white socks dangling below...

And this guy is trouble. Not my nephew (who is practicing to be trouble), but the priest. Fr. Tom. I can give my boys twenty-minute lectures on the dignity of the Priesthood and directions on proper manners with priests, and along comes Fr. Tom and in about 30 seconds he will have them on the ground, wrestling with him...
A couple of random shots...
I just love this one...

My four boys...
And this one I think needs a caption contest. Claire, the little tow-headed doll in pink with a pink cast on her doll-like arm, is wearing Dominic's shoes.
I hope your day was blessed!


  1. I wish we had made it up there ! We were all set to come, but Matthew started running a temp and throwing up at 9:30 last night - we were so disappointed to miss celebrating the Assumption with the Fathers. I'll have to mail Gemma's gift now - I had so wanted to deliver it in person! Hopefully we'll get up there soon~

  2. Looks like a fun day - beautiful pictures.

  3. Dear Nadja,
    What a really enjoyable day tobe with all those Fathers and Sisters.

    Can you tell me what a Moby Wrap is? Id it one of those baby carriers you buy or can you make it.

    I liked how you wore it, you looked good in it.
    Wish I could look as good.
    God Bless

  4. A pity I missed it... but then bilocation has never been my forte...

  5. Fr. Matt--you're so funny! Glad to have you peeking in on my blog again. Life as a priest must be keeping you pretty busy, eh?

  6. Some year I really, really want to come up for the Assumption picnic, but having the good fortune to go to a parish devoted to the Assumption, it is always our big day here too. This year especially, because it was our 150th anniversary. Next year perhaps. And now that we aren't preparing for that big occasion any more, I am hoping to just come up for mass soon.


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