Thursday, July 2, 2009

Taking a day off...

After two days spent pretty much in the kitchen, I couldn't resist goofing off today. The temperature is an unbelievable 75 degrees, breezy and partly cloudy. After a few necessary household tasks I made a big bowl of popcorn and took it and my knitting outside. I watched the kids ride their bikes and munch popcorn. After a while, I came in and washed a bowl of cherries for the kids. Some of them had never tasted a fresh cherry and the older ones couldn't remember the last time they had had them (I usually don't buy cherries because they tend to be pricey and are not my favorite fruit anyway). We sat on the picnic tables eating cherries and having a pit-spitting competition, which I won by only a hair.

When we came in, I showered the little ones because living in the country, they are always covered in filth and I have this dread of someone stopping by and seeing a bunch of dirty kids running around like they have no mother (or one who is in the house drinking Buds and watching Oprah). With Dominic potty-training, it looks even worse, as I usually let him run about half-dressed in a T-shirt and underpants.

Right now they are watching a video until lunch, after which I will figure something out for us to do...something relaxing. I am thinking of some summer reading. Any suggestions? What are you and yours reading these days?


  1. The idea of you lounging around drinking beer and watching Oprah is just too funny!

    My guys think you are so cool having spitting competitons with cherry pits!!

    Lots of good Saints in July - maybe you read some saint biographies? I am so sleepy I fall asleep when I try to read - I am managing some picture books with the little guys. And i really am enjoying the John Gatto and the Susie LLoyd book

  2. What a nice day!!--the trick with the bath thing is to be able to pull off the whole "as soon as I clean them up they go right back at it-they were spiffy right before you showed up" routine. Then the kids can run feral and make memories and your tub stays nice and shiny! Either that or learn a drawl and practice saying I was going to clean them up when Oprah was over-jest ax 'em!

    Read the Gruffalo! Cute rhymes-smart mouse! fun pics-easy and fun summer read-we all like it-big to small.


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