Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feast of St. Mary Magdalen

My confirmation patroness' feast day. Last year I posted my reasons for having chosen her as such. I use her name as my middle name, as I have none on my birth certificate, and I thought to give her name as a middle name to Gemma, but Eliana won out, so I was adamant that at least Gemma should be baptized on this beautiful penitent's feast. I hope my little one will always stand beside Our Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross, embracing our Lord in love and gratitude.

It is a cool and wet day. Sebastian commented that it didn't seem like a nice day for a baptism, and my mother called wondering if we ought to postpone, but no, I think the weather actually fits my patroness quite well. She is so often in tears when we read of her or see images of her. Somehow a hot, sunny day would seem less suitable.

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  1. i am really envying that rain right now. we just got our first summer electric bill and it isn't pretty.


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