Thursday, June 25, 2009

Small Successes Volume 23

1) I cleaned out my pantry freezer, making room for frozen meals and a few convenience foods, and making several meals of freezer-burned stuff for the pig and chickens. Recycling at its best.

2) I spent a few hours figuring out the mess in my check book. I eventually got my balance within seven dollars of the bank's figure, pencilled in the bank's figure and breathed a big sigh of relief.

3) I got through today without collapsing into a heap on the sofa before lunch time. And I somehow managed to get through the afternoon as well.

What are some of your own small successes? Click on the header image above to toot your own horn!


  1. GREAT list!!!!! I'm proud of you!!! Great job!

    All this and expecting are my personal HERO!!!!

  2. OH HOW HOW I miss nesting! my closets have not had a real sort out all at once since...Anner! I do one or 2 on an occassion but albumns and closets have ALL ALWAYS been perfect and up-to-date before baby!


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