Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window…it's cooler than it has been in days. 5:30 and 63 degrees. Birds singing to the pale peach sky.

I am thinking…about Gemma. Dominic was born 3 years ago, and his was a summer birth as well, but this pregnancy is exhausting me like no other. Must be my age. I can't make a bed without wanting to nap afterward!

I am thankful for…my family. At 18 I was cynical about marriage and children. A casualty of divorce, I didn't even think about marriage, let alone children, who would just "mess up my life." Never did I think that I would be married twenty-two years and the grateful mother of four sons and two daughters, and that with all the chaos they bring into my formerly quiet life, I would find my joy in them as I would in nothing else.

I am also thankful for the quick response of St. Joseph. Bret has been commissioned to do another altar, this one for Our Lady of the Caves in Horse Cave, KY!

From the kitchen...Muffins of some sort. And fruit smoothies.

I am creating…nothing much. I put aside the soaker since it is so large it will be a year before Gemma can fit it. I need to hem my 4 yards of gauze to make a Moby Wrap-type baby carrier.

I am readingThe Splendor of Sorrow. Wonderful meditations on the Seven Sorrows of our Blessed Mother. Only $2.00 from Sophia Institute Press, and I highly recommend it!

I am hoping…That Gemma is head down and engaged, and that I am already dilating and effacing. I am ready to have her on the outside!

I am hearing…birds. And a door quietly closing. I'm betting it's Gabe, the early-riser. No, I'm wrong, it is Sebastian!

A few plans for the rest of the week: I have an OB appt today. I need to cut hair on the three younger boys (did Bret and Sebastian this weekend). I have stocked up on what I need to make several meals, so I need to do that. Hem the baby carrier. Try to pace myself so that I have some strength left for labor.

The children are...asleep but for Sebastian and Gabriel. Una is asleep beside my bed. Bret usually frowns at the kids asking to sleep in our room, but I'm grateful that Una still wants to. She's getting so big, and I sometimes wish I had a bed big enough for the whole family!

A Picture Thought: Adrian playing in the sprinkler with his cousin, Thomas. This is why he was so wiped out last week!Visit Peggy at the Simple Woman for more Daybook entries. Have a blessed week!


  1. How do you make a moby wrap and how much fabric do you need?

  2. On the left hand side of the following site you can find instructions for making and using various types of carriers. I'm using a simple piece of 4-yard by 30-inch gauze fabric because I'm 5'3" and of a smallish frame. But generally the wraps are 4-5 yards by 20".


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