Thursday, June 18, 2009

1) Made a gallon of yogurt and 1.5 lbs of butter, and cooked up 4 lbs of ground beef with onions and peppers. Bagged the latter in 1 lb. bags and put in the freezer for making quick meals with.

2) Ordered my cloth diapers and diaper covers after struggling with which to choose. Am going with Chinese prefolds and Prorap Classics for now.

3) Made a new baby pouch carrier like from the instructions given on the Karma Baby website. The fabric is so bright and summery, and I love it! I still really want to order fabric and try a Moby Wrap type carrier, but that will have to wait for now.

4) Listed a bunch of used curriculum on Cathswap. Only one bite so far, but I hope to get rid of the whole pile.

5) Cleaned my bathrooms. And Bret, God bless him, mopped my floors.

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  1. You are doing well my friend.

    I am back to cleaning bathrooms tomorrow - my kids have done my weekly clean for the last 3 weeks - I think I am up to it now!

    Remember to rest and breathe.


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