Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yesterday was nice...

No rain, and the sun actually kept peeking through the clouds, making us squint up at the sight of it like a bunch of cave-dwellers. I shoved the kids out the door after school and stole a little time to surprise Adrian with something he had asked for: sleeping bags for the three little bears he likes to play with. Only the purple one is his, but he was delighted that his siblings got bags for their bears on account of his begging me.It always feels so good when I can take time for myself and indulge one of my children's little whims at the same time...

Speaking of sewing, aren't these just the cutest? I want to raid a fabric store!


  1. CUTE! you are a good mommy!--and I am closing this post before any here get ideas! Grab an old crib sheet or pillow case and make those pants!

  2. what wonderful sleeping bags! my girl would love those for her dollies! she is away for a few days and i think i'll make her some things to surprise her!

    now, go make those pants......they are TOO cute.

    i wonder if my girl is too big for some???
    ps. will pray for your friend!


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