Friday, May 1, 2009


And lots of it. It's been a daily occurrence for several days, and there's plenty more in the forecast. Makes our neck of the woods look a lot like Ireland.

I actually really like it this time of the year. Everything looks greener against the stony grey backdrop, and the sound is enchanting. It is what they call "soft" weather...


  1. I can just smell it from here. I adore rain. Lovely pictures.

  2. I thought of you, Marianne, as I was taking the photos!

  3. Nature is a beautiful shade of green when it rains. When I was young I loved to sit on the porch and watch it rain. To this day I enjoy a good storm (although I'm more wary of lightning now than 30 years ago). I could always smell the rain coming, and when I saw the leaves turn, I knew it was near. Presently living in a city, it's harder to smell the rain coming (cities are rank in their own rite), but it's very refreshing right after it rains.

    BTW, is that a capsized Tonka truck in the flood? We used to ride our metal Tonka trucks like skateboards!


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