Thursday, May 21, 2009


With about two months to go until Gemma makes her debut, I am finally coming into a nesting period. This usually begins with my noticing how unaesthetic my home is. The stains on the carpet look unbearably gross. I suddenly notice the spot behind the toilet where my mop doesn't reach. Every little fingerprint on the doorjambs is repulsive to me. And the clutter in various areas of my home are enough to drive me to despair.

Although I haven't the energy and even less of the organizational genius of my friend, Marilyn, I am trying to make some headway in a few areas, and I will concentrate on these for the next two months.

1) I want to have some kind of a plan in place for the coming school year. Not so much a daily lesson plan as a weekly schedule with some monthly or 6-week goals in mind. I pretty much have all my curriculum for the coming year, now I just need a realistic plan to go with it. Realistic is the operative word here. As with gardening, I always show too much enthusiasm at the beginning of the season, and as time wears on the weeds and mosquitos do me in.

2) I want to write up a post-partum menu plan for a month. I want to include pre-made frozen meals, simple crock-pot meals and a few simple recipes and not-too-unhealthy convenience foods in the plan.

3) I want to tidy up the office and find places for the countless bits of paper. This is really a herculean task, as I must shamefacedly admit that my "filing system" since we moved here and since Gabriel's birth has been an inbox with no outbox. It is the epitome of simplicity--until the time comes that you are searching for that one piece of paper you need!

4) Put various items that are sitting around here up for sale on Craigslist or eBay or Cathswap. It would be nice to get rid of clutter and make a little money at the same time.

5) Clean the oven. Enough said.

6) Some of the fun stuff: wash infant clothes, order diapers and covers and whatnot (I think am going to go with cloth this time around, although I have doubts about the sanity of that decision), make room for the baby in our bedroom, etc.

From where I sit like a slug, devoid of life but for a few vital signs, it seem hopelessly ambitious. Normally it wouldn't seem like much, but I suppose age has a lot to do with it. And really awful varicose veins in my left leg. Luckily I never had great legs, even at 20, so it is only painful, but not much of a blow to my vanity.

It's 8:30. Bedtime. G'night all.


  1. Yeah for cloth diapers! E-mail me if you have any questions.
    Elizabeth Doucette

  2. Only six things on your list and 10 or so weeks to do 'em?? Do one a week and you'll be great!

    I am like you on the nesting thing--sometimes I think that it is not really the size of my family staying static but more the condition of my closets and photo albums that proves no more sweet bundles are on the way to Dandelionend.

    I'll be glad to share a few freezer meals that Una could make up easy if you like...

  3. Elizabeth, I want all sorts of encouragement from everyone who uses cloth!

  4. Yes, Dandelionmom--email me what recipes you have...I am famous for getting back to cooking and cleaning right after birth, (I bathed Una the evening Sebastian was born), but, darn it, I just don't want to do that this time around, and since Bret's working at home now, I think I can try to relax for a week or so with my baby girl!

  5. cheer up lovely! as frustrated as you are, remember that there are some that would give anything to be preparing for the bringing home of a new baby girl in the days ahead. what a wonderful event to be looking forward to! and your friend was right, one thing at a time. HAPPY nesting. now go knit something pretty! :)

  6. Not sure about organizational genius Nadja! But this mama is no good for anyting right now but sitting on the couch like a beached whale drinking iced cola! It is taking all my willpower not to pull frozen meals out before baby is born. Went to Costco with Steve today and stocked up on lots of fruit and cheese and crackers and salami and icecream - the fixings for food until Tuesday!

    My OB went well - now I want to hang on until Tuesday - as I don't want the on call doctor over the weekend.

    Get your stuff done early - because if I am anything to go by you are not going to want to do much in late pregancy in the dog days of August heat.


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