Friday, May 8, 2009

Crazy weather...

We were all up by 5 today. I had to wake Bret at 4:30 because there was a severe thunderstorm warning on the radio and he needed to get the jerseys into the barn since they said there could be quarter-size hail. There was non-stop thunder and continuous lightening, and then a driving rain that woke the kids. I couldn't do my usual early-morning blog perusal and posting because I had to unplug everything. After it passed and grew light, a beautiful morning emerged, fresh and green.

We had to leave the house early for grocery shopping and were gone for about 4 hours. As we were coming home it began to drizzle. I unpacked groceries and then there was another storm, along with tornado warnings in the area.

I've always loved a thunderstorm, but until we moved here, I never had any fear of tornadoes. We've had some fairly close here, and I have witnessed the terrible damage they can do. They scare me. But I always feel better after I sprinkle some blessed salt around the house, which is what I did this afternoon. Now the sun is shining again, and it is beautiful out...

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