Thursday, April 30, 2009


In a few hours I'll be off to do the stupid 1-hour glucose test. My midwife says I'm so low-risk as to not be worth the time for it, but OBs need to cover themselves for fear of malpractice suits. Whenever I have had to take the test in the past, I have failed the 1-hour and passed the even-yuckier 3-hour. Wish me luck...


  1. Boy! That brings back the memories...I flunked most of my 1 hours too--could never get a Dr to just go straight to the 3 and save me time and an extra appointment though...AHHHH good times! :P

    Are you going to be knitting "under the influence" of all that sugar??

  2. May have to...the weather doesn't look promising enough to take the kids to the big playground near the OB. Might just have to hit a thrift shop or two to kill time (I can't stay at the lab, as my bathroom is bigger than their waiting room, which has only 4 chairs!)

  3. Good luck! I really hate that test ;(

    I've always thought that there has to be a better way to test blood sugar on a pregnant woman. What about eating a sleeve of Oreos or something? ;)

  4. Hope it went well Nadja! I only ever had to do the 3 hour with the twins - double yuk!

    I go off to the OB tomorrow - contractions are really picking up - plus I freak out sometimes when she does not move. It will be interesting to see how low down she is now.

  5. Ugh, I HATE that test!! Only had to do the three hour once and it was absolutely awful! Here's hoping you aced yesterday's test AND that you found something really cool - something you didn't even know you needed 'til you saw it - at the thrift store. :D

  6. Oh, I understand how you feel! I had my 1 hour a month ago - and I PASSED! I was shocked because I have been gest. diabetic for 6 out of the last 7 pregnancies and I have been checking my blood sugars throughout this one (before the test) and they were a little high.

    Yet, the glucose test is way better than having undiagnosed diabetes which could really hurt your baby!


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