Monday, April 27, 2009

Outside my window…a faint hint of dawn on the horizon, birds singing.

I am thinking…about the homily at yesterday's Mass. It was powerful, it was pro-life, it was highly critical of our Chief Executive and his administration (highly critical is nearly an understatement!), and I am so very pleased with Father for his show of courage. One family actually walked out on him.

I am thankful for…Many things. My husband, my kids, my family, my faith, homeschooling, farming, this pregnancy, my friends near and far...

From the kitchen...Muffins today (Banana).

I am creating…another hat and bootie set, this time in pink from the gorgeous Blue Sky Alpaca sent to me by Dandelionmom! Everything I've made so far was a blend with synthetics because that is what I had on hand, and that is what is affordable. Knitting with this stuff is so heavenly!

I am readingReading My Daily Bread. Easy to digest as it is served in small bites. Perfect for my addled, distracted brain.

I am hoping…to get a bit more cleaning done this week (vacuuming under furniture and such, with Bret's help) and to pass the 1-hour sugar test this week so that I don't have to go back for the 3-hour). I always seem to fail the first and pass the second.

I am hearing…Only the birds.

A few plans for the rest of the week… The 3 oldest kids have dental appointments this morning. I am filling out the May calendar this week and will plan to have a little Mother's Day luncheon over here. The hog is going to the butcher on Wednesday, so I need to make a cut list. And I still need a couple of gifts for Sebastian, who will be 8 on May 15th.

The children are... all up! In the last 2 minutes they have come into the office one-by-one to offer a sleepy hello. Dominic is lying on the floor at my feet with Pooh Bear...

A Picture Thought: The children found this little guy on the ground on Saturday. They couldn't find a nest and brought him in for a while. Later they went out and saw a mommy-bird jumping about and squawking, and the baby bird began to chirp back. So they put the little guy down and backed away. All we can do is hope for the best. We have taken on everything from baby birds to baby mice and rabbits, and our success rate for their survival hasn't been too good...

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  1. You are so lucky to have a priest that speaks the truth. I called and complained to our priest and bishop about the lack of guidance for voters in our diocese during the election - no replies from either. Only the junior priest in our parish dared to say something - about Catholics not voting for pro-choice politicians - and so many people got up an walked out.

    OK - so how are you having time to knit. I have all the stuff to start Anna's doll but have not even cast on yet? Abby used crochet and made it in one day - she can't knit as well as she can crochet.

    Good luck with your yukky glucose test. I have my 35 week on Friday - they will figure a lot out I think including possible induction

  2. hey i have an add afflicted brain too. i can only read in short snippets as well. i used to be quite a reader, but now, most of my reading time is taken up by library books about root children and dinosaurs!
    banana muffins sound so delicious.
    i better go get to work on my zuchinni bread!
    good luck with your sugar test.
    i only failed the first with my girl. i guess it was because she is so sweet! =)

  3. I ran across your blog... I love it. I wish we had a patch of dirt too, but we have a postage stamp of dirt.
    Homeschooling is alot less limited if you have a patch of dirt.

    Love your interesting page.
    I hope you don't ming if I add it to my favorite blogs.

  4. I'd be delighted! Thank you for the compliment...


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