Monday, April 20, 2009

Outside my window…Dark with gusts of wind. A rainy day expected.

I am thinking…About Una. Still has the cough and headache that are sometimes a bit better, sometimes worse, but never leave her and respond to no medication. We tried a cold/allergy/sinus medicine last night to no avail. I am concerned and exasperated.

I am thankful for…having finished the Changing of the Seasonal Clothing this week--a big to-do, as everything is pretty much in big containers in an attic crawlspace. Up and down a ladder with a big tummy and no lung capacity wore me out!

From the kitchen...Muffins today, blueberry or banana, whatever the kids vote on. Since my menu plan fell apart last week (never got it done), I've been winging it, and it's not been fun!

I am creating…just finishing a hat/bootie set for a friend's premature 4-pound baby. I'm not sure what I want to do next. I have a line-up of patterns on Ravelry I like, and a nice stock of yarn...

I am readingReal Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home by Elizabeth Foss. For all my years of home schooling, I was unfamiliar with Charlotte Mason, other than her name. I like Elizabeth Foss' blog, so I figured her book might be a good read. I am not disappointed. And because I had blown off meditation in the morning for so long and am feeling so distracted, I chose to pull down My Daily Bread. Short, easy, non-challenging meditations for my monkey-brain that swings from branch to branch...

I am hoping…that this week back at school will go well and that God's grace will sustain me. I'm feeling anxious and overwhelmed lately.

I am hearing…Just Gabriel, the only one awake, quietly building with Megabloks.

A few plans for the rest of the week… I have an OB appt. this morning at 11:00. I want to make an appointment for Una to see an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist (I'm running out of ideas!); my floors need a washing. Una's birthday is on Thursday, so there are plans for cake-baking on Wednesday. My sister and her kids are hoping to come over Friday, and the weather is supposed to be lovely and warm.

The children are... asleep, but for Gabriel. Oh, blessed quiet!

A Picture Thought: This is a photo I took of Una about 3 years ago holding SugarBoy, her bantam cochin rooster who met his end with an oppossum. It is very much Una, her pensive look, her love of animals and being outdoors...

Visit Peggy at the Simple Woman for more Daybook entries. Hope you enjoy some beautiful spring weather this week!


  1. Nadja:

    Praying for you today...may your "back to school day" be one of joy, peace and blessings!

    What a lovely photo of your lovely girl...

  2. What a beautiful beautiful picture of Una!

    I am praying for her cough etc - not sure what to suggest.

    Praying for you to be peaceful too my friend.


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