Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A new house for the bunnies...

Bret spent the better part of the afternoon making a hutch for the rabbits, and once Sebastian finished school he went out to help.


  1. Is that a child with a pneumatic nail gun? It reminds me vaguely of a lyric from an old Tim McGraw song, "There's some things you can't do inside no city limits." Neverminding the grammar problems in the song, it also reminds me of something my grandfather used to say: "Carpenters are paid in bent nails." And in spite of the potential logic problem in my grandfather's addage, it makes me want to say, "See, with proper supervision kids can do a surprising number of things."

  2. He's not a bad shot with a .22 either, Deacon!

  3. i love your bunnies' new home!!! we may have to steal your idea. i just showed it to my hubby and he said-yeah, i could make that for you-in his super cool-mr. i can make anything for you baby-voice.

    ps. your sonny boy with the nail gun is makin' me a bit nervous, though.....you would think that after all these boys i would be used to things like that, but i just feel that with boys danger seems to lurk around every corner! =)

  4. I got worried when I saw your title! Then I saw you meant a new house but they will stay at Patch O Dirt! LOL

    I also was taken aback by how little shelter there is from wind etc--until I reminded myself of where you live and that air-flow is very important!

    Nice looking pair--and glad to see him using a nail gun instead of that .22 for the bunbuns!

  5. We have a tarp we can toss over the hutch for now, but I think that part of the hutch will have a little shelter in it in time. They are under the awning of Bret's shop, so they do have some protection...

    Actually it is a pneumatic staple gun, and he was being supervised (Bret was working alongside him). Now that Bret is working at home, we have decided that woodworking will be part of Sebastian's curriculum at least once a week.

    I get nervous with boys, too...I have to commit them to their Guardian Angels whenever they go outside!

  6. I figured a supervisor was standing just outside of camera range. Working outside is a good thing for boys, and learning respect for power tools and proper use of them is a good thing, too.


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