Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fantastic weather

84 degrees, sunny, breezy...

Bret has taken the whole gang to the creek to romp and play and collect bugs and frogs and such. Why am I not with them, snapping photos and getting some sun?

Because my floors really needed mopping, and it is hard to mop with kids running in and out of the house.

The sad part is, with the dreadful floors I have in this house, they don't look much better for the effort. I should have gone with them...


  1. I swear you live in England with all those green rolling fields. I've started to tell my husband that I want to move to Tennessee. More photos please when the floors allow!

  2. I really do believe, Marianne,that Tennessee and Kentucky are a couple of the prettiest states in this country. I probably feel that way because I thought Cornwall and Ireland were so beautiful!

    Will try to oblige you as opportunity permits!

  3. Achoo! We had a beautiful day in Cincinnati too, but my car is literally green with pollen, and my allergies don't appreciate it much.

  4. LOL!!! You forgo a trip to the water in the SUN for mopping a floor right before muddy children come home! Must be hormonal...

  5. oh, mama bird, you should've gone to the creek with them. they probably messed that floor up as soon as they came home. i have give up on really clean floors. that is just NOT a reality for me at this point in my life. i can kill myself and by bedtime, you'd hardly know i cleaned 'em.
    but you are probably a little hormonal right we forgive you.
    that is a gorgeous shot. does the green last very long over there?

  6. Even before they got home, the floors didn't look any better. I hate my floors.

    The green lasts until about July...Then it gets too hot and dry and everything bakes and turns brown. And the cow goes back to giving a mere gallon a day (she's doing over two a day now!)


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