Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy busy busy!

First off, for those of you who offered prayers for my girl, yesterday was the first day she was nearly back to normal. I will be going to another allergist, however, as this one just seems bound and determined to get her on a couple of daily preventative medications (he had pretty much put this notion forward before she had even done the tests). I'm not fond of the idea of a 365-day course of medicine for a perhaps 60-day per year cough.

She is moderately allergic to pollen, but highly allergic to dust mites and molds. That's bad...dust mites are practically family in this house. Anyway, the allergist wouldn't even address the shooting pains in her head and chest, and thought her cough was a "habit" since she doesn't cough at night. Some habit...she coughed herself to dizziness last week, and a little incense at Church has her hacking for hours.

Yesterday I cleaned her room. Stripped bedding, vacuumed every corner, dusted, put out her spring and summer clothes, etc. Still need to wash the curtains. She has hardly coughed at all yesterday or today. I don't think it has a thing to do with the cleaning, but a clean room can't hurt!

In the middle of all the pre-Easter madness comes the St. Louis Catholic Homeschool Association Conference. They always have it the weekend before Holy Week, which stinks! I have clothes to pull out and iron, haircuts to do, Easter baskets to put together, cards to make and mail out...and now here I am, unprepared and going out of town for the weekend. True, it is the only weekend of the year I leave my kids and enjoy a little girl-time with my best friend, but I wish it was in June!

This year was especially nuts, as Cindy usually makes the hotel reservations, but right now her computer is down. Since we are both concerned about the cost, finding the best deals is a priority, and I did it this year. Takes some time and research.

Okay, I have a million things to do before I leave on Friday morning, so if you don't hear from me, say a prayer for my family in my absense and one for me and Cindy who will be on the road.

And if you plan to be at the conference, let me know! I'd like to meet you!


  1. Hmmm... allergies. I have those year round; mold, dust, flowers, cats, you name it. No fun. But I did discover a medication that Kroger sells under the name "Dayhist Allergy" - it's the active ingredient from Tavist (but good luck finding that), Clemastine Fumarate 10mg. Anyone 12 and older can take it. For me it's 100% effective in 10 minutes. I'd rather take the tiny little pill once a day than sneeze myself silly, which is the only alternative I have. Maybe your allergist has a kid-friendly equivalent?

  2. Praying for Una. Also for you for this weekend.

  3. Whew! Just reading this post makes me tired!

    Man, I wish I could meet up with you at that conference! Sigh...

    Prayers for you and your family. Be safe.

  4. Huh - I'm the same way with allergies. Fine when I'm asleep - but if I wake up, my nose is stuffy, my eyes start watering, and I have to take a sudafed or something just to function.

    (Which kind of stinks, since my husband's alarm wakes me up at 5 am everyday, even though I don't actually get up until 8 or so... I started keeping the medicine on my nightstand!)

    I'd definitely get a second opinion!

    I hope she feels better soon!


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