Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The daughter of a friend just entered the Sisters of the Visitation in Tyringham, MA on February 11th and will be spending the coming year discerning her call to religious life and to their community. Sister Meghan is the second of nine kids and the only girl, and you can bet that there are a number of little boys back home that are missing their big sister! Her mom--also missing her daughter, no doubt--says that it's been a long, tough road for her to come this far. As if discernment of a vocation isn't trying enough, she has cerebral palsy to challenge her as well.

At Mass, when her family would visit our area, I noted her devotion and her recollection after receiving Holy Communion. I was always greeted with a genuinely warm smile, and I enjoyed the fact that she often had a little brother in her lap or at her side.

Do offer a prayer for her discernment--I know she will offer prayers for all her benefactors.


  1. Deacon Matt left this beautiful prayer as a comment, but Blogger (or the Enemy) seems to have gobbled it up and keeps telling me that it has already been moderated and won't let me publish it! So I had to do a copy and paste:

    "Lord Jesus Christ, giver of all good gifts, fill her heart with your grace. Send forth Your Spirit and she shall be renewed. Give her the grace and courage to follow You wherever You may lead, and help her to know her true vocation in life. You died for her; help her to live her life for you. Teach her to listen for Your call, and to respond in grace to Your most holy request, for You live and reign forever and ever. Amen."

    Thank you, Deacon!

  2. It is such a happy thing to pray for and think about. It is so nice to see a young woman entering religious life. Thanks for sharing this.


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