Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Number Six is...


The technician spotted the gender in the first three minutes and asked if I would like to know. After she said, "Well, it looks like we've got a little girl here," my mind went blank and I don't think I saw anything on the ultrasound for the next five minutes. I finally regained my presence of mind and asked how everything else looked--just fine, she said.

I'll probably shriek in terror during diaper changes for the first couple of weeks until it sinks in that nothing is missing...

We are all very happy. I have my "book-ends"...


  1. i am so HAPPY for you. i really wish i could have a little more pink in my life!
    will pray for safe pregnancy and delivery.

  2. Yipeee!!! I love pink! Oh, how I envy seems our days of booties and nappies is prayers for a happy, healthy pregnancy and safe delivery!

  3. COOL COOL COOL! More comment later - just having to dance around the room a bit!

  4. Yay!! So excited to hear the good news and that your little GIRL is growing healthily. Prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy :)

  5. LOL!
    I loved the "shriek...nothing is missing line." How funny!


  6. Yippeee!!!!

    A healthy baby girl! Now there's some information worth venturing out into icky weather for.

    Congratulations friend! I'm sooooo happy for you!

  7. Nadja, I never know who I will find when I click on a new-to-me blog!

    Since we haven't been up to FoM in a while, I didn't know you were expecting. Congratulations on the new little girl!

  8. Jordana, how nice to hear from you! I haven't quite the blogging history you have, but it's been fun...

    Thanks for "stopping by", and I hope you feel better soon.

  9. Awesome! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations and continued prayers for you and your family!

  10. Praise God and thank heaven for little girls!


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