Friday, February 27, 2009

We prayed the Stations of the Cross tonight

I love this. When we began six years ago, Una was only nearly four and Sebastian two, and I was lugging baby Gaby around the house. This year, Una asked to lead the Stations. The toddlers especially love it, the moving from place to place through the house and singing the Stabat Mater (well--they don't know the words, but they sort of bluff their way through). It's one of the things we do that is really becoming a tradition I know the kids will carry with them throughout their lives. And it is so decidedly Catholic! You have to be a convert to the Faith like me to truly appreciate what that means. I revel in it. I wish I could exude church incense from my pores. Know what I mean? What, are you a convert too?


  1. I know what you mean! Especially when it comes to the smell of incense - the way it clings to your clothes and hair after mass, giving you little whiffs of it throughout the day. Oh, and what about the smell of chrism oil? Isn't it lovely?!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I too am a convert (1985), and I love all of the sensory aspects of Catholicism. These are tangible reminders of the realities we cannot see. I love the smell of incense in the morning! (Or any other time, for that matter.)

    When I baptize, I use LOTS of Chrism too!

  3. To me, chrism smells very much like the scent of a newborn baby's head, a sweet, musky perfume...


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