Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lunchtime in the playhouse

Looks like they've been caught in the act of something besides eating, but actually they were doing just that.

We have been planning to fix up this ex-fishing equipment shed (built by the son of the previous owner) to make it a sweet little playhouse for years. Maybe this spring. If Bret can find a nice piece of scrap vinyl for the floor, install a shelf or two and finish the seams in the drywall, Una and I could paint and make curtains. It could be so cute!

Having lived in apartments for my entire childhood, I so wanted a playhouse, but could never have one. I want my kids to have one! And a pony, too (I wanted one of those even more)!


  1. oh MOM!!

    Boys don't want perfect drywall and curtains! they want a spot they can mess up as much as they want! think sandbox floor! or chalkboard paint for the walls! cubbies that you can stash stuff in and big jars for rocks and pine cones! and a telescope-or periscope out the roof-how cool would that be??

    poor Una! Make one of those pretty canopy things out of that gauzy stuff and hang it froM a tree in a shady little corner. She can sneak into her fairy hideaway and read or daydream.

    Check Craig's list for your pony--we have a lot even being given away up here!

  2. Our schoolroom is a bit like what you describe, but the playhouse is Una's domain...we gave it to her when she was just four and Sebastian two. She wanted it all pink and apple-green inside with a play kitchen. Well, she's too old for a play kitchen, but a little cozy place to read and get away from her brothers is still in order.

    As for a pony, we have to wait until we can afford to build on our KY property, as our two acres here are already overtaxed with animal life! That's why we had to move Bo and T-Bone to my mom's property. But yes, folks in these parts are giving them away, too!


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