Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Fourth Birthday, Adrian Benedict!

My smallest baby at only 5lbs 15oz, but my most difficult labor, quite likely because my midwife, who had missed my last baby's birth, was nervous about missing this one and offered me the option of inducing with castor oil. Never again. He was born after 3 a.m., and all the kids were up by 6, and even though Bret did his best to keep peace and quiet in the house, I still didn't sleep until evening and by then had gone 48 hours without sleep. This was the key factor in my first experience with post-partum depression, which took about a month or so to abate.

Poor little Adrian. I recall saying to my sister, "Not only do I not want this baby, I don't want the others either..." What a mess. But my midwife assured me it would pass, and pass it did.

He was a pretty demanding baby, and he is still is a pretty demanding little guy. He has the most intense scowl, and when he is tired he has a gravely "whiskey & cigars" voice. He tests his limits all day long with me, reminding me very much of SugarBoy, our little bantam cochin rooster who met his end with an oppossum. SugarBoy was half the size of the other chickens, but he would frequently challenge me to a fight, and I'd have to kick him into the air a few times to re-establish my authority.

Because Papa has to go to work and homeschooling Mama has to teach today, we will do the cake and presents on Saturday...or maybe tomorrow evening, if I can get my act together...
Happy Birthday, Firecracker...I love you more than you'll ever know...


  1. Happy Birthday! May his year ahead be full of blessings :)

  2. AAAWWW happy birthday!! LOOOVE the tiny picture!!

  3. Gosh, I don't know how I missed commenting on this one. I'm sorry I did because I sure would have liked to wish that handsome guy a happy birthday ON his actual birthday. I sure do hope your day was wonderful, Adrian. Enjoy being 4 sweet boy!


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