Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So long, J.P., it's been good to know ya...

J.P., our hog, was loaded up to bring to the butcher in Scottsville today. I try not to bond with the critters destined for the freezer, but J.P. was a real likable pig. I have to console myself with the fact that, unlike his commercially-raised counterparts, he had a good life here: lots of variety in his diet, chickens scratching around his pen, hose-downs in the heat and a wallowing hole, kids to scratch his head and back and even empty milk jugs to bop around the pen and play with. Not a bad life for a table-bound animal.

Thanks to Bret's new clever arrangement for loading, this was the first time we didn't have an escapee. He smelled the slops on the trailer and walked right in to eat.
Pigs sure do grow fast. He was such a skinny little thing when we got him, and look at him now!


  1. Well, after that last post, I can't think of a durn thing to say about this one. Let's see... How 'bout're sure lookin' tasty, J.P.?!

  2. I'm with Abroadermark--I love the farm news posts but this ones a let down after your big news!! Nice lookin hams? Makes me hanker fer sum BEANS?

  3. I know, just about anything would be anticlimactic right after that post, but it just goes to show you, life goes on and the farm work continues no matter what...

  4. LOLOLOL "life goes ON"??? not for no JP it don't!!--sorry-couldn't help myself!!

    what kinda porker was he anyway? we need to decide what we want to go with this spring. We know we don't want a "production" pig-but no pricey heritage pig either.

  5. I have no idea what his parentage is...we bought him at about a dollar a pound from the Mennonites. If were were breeding ourselves we would look into Durocs, but as it is we just usually pick up what's handy.

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  7. Keep posting the life on the farm stuff...I'm living the farm life through you! :)

    Hope you are feeling well and can keep the yummy pork chops and bacon down!


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