Saturday, January 31, 2009

Before and After

Finally...I can go to Mass with these two tomorrow without feeling any embarrassment! It had gotten to the point where it would have taken me an hour per boy to get through it.

I did Bret's hair this morning and I'll do Sebastian's tonight. Whew!


  1. What handsome young men!! Nice job, mom!

  2. My only "nice job" was being wise enough to make an appointment for these two! Sebastian and Bret are easy...I just run the clippers over their heads!

  3. i got one shaggy boy taken care of this weekend too. now to get rid of a little one with bushy curls-with long sideburns-and a teenager with overly spiky porcupine quills-i cannot believe that all three boys have such different hair/textures!
    anyway, just wanted to say hi. i've seen you here, there and everywhere..........
    happy sunday!=)


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