Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm gonna cry...

Here I am, at the height of the baking season, and my oven has just died. It has been going for a long time...the digital display wouldn't light up, the temperature knob was broken off and I have been using needle-nosed pliers for two years to turn it on and off, and the thermostat was off by about 100 degrees. But now it cannot be turned on at all without going up to 500 degrees.

This is not good timing. Christmas expenses aside (which we keep moderate), we bought a tractor this summer, we just replaced our crashed computer a few months ago, and our considerable property taxes are due in the new year.

Okay, Blessed Mother, it's not my money, it's yours. Now ask St. Joseph to find me a good deal on a new oven, and please, be quick about it!!


  1. Awww...poor girl. Isn't that the way it always goes?! But look at the bright side - maybe you won't be running around like a mad woman the week before Christmas after-all. Well, not running around baking anyway. ; )

    P.S. My word verification is bless. Maybe it's a sign. :D

  2. I hope you receive a blessing! I did--St. Joseph came through and we found a local (well, fairly local--we are in the sticks after all--retailer who has the oven I need for $400. I may be baking next week after all... :)

  3. now THATS something to cry about! To be ovenless in any season is cripling! Take heart in the fact that you did,indeed, get every last scrap of usefulness out of that machine! and maybe make Rice Krispie treats shaped like trees with ornaments?? high-hatters? no-bake cookies? at least you have more creativity working for you than I do! and Advent is not diminished in any way by the lack of baked goods (I'm pretty sure anyway )

    Hang in there-you've been blessed with this challenge for a reason (and don't you hate it when people say that??)

    my word veri is cobar--not as cool as bless but I thought I'd share anyway :D

  4. RATS!! sorry-this is Dandelionmom who neglected to sign her hubby out before clicking to comment!

    congrats on your oven too--guess you can stick that highhatter recipe back in the front flap of your cookbook!

  5. Hey there, Dandelionmom...I was wondering who this guy was, suddenly appearing to comment on my oven of all things!


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