Monday, November 17, 2008

I have a knack for slapstick...

...and my new Canon MP240 printer is having the last laugh.

Twice now I have hit the "Print" button without remembering that if the printer output tray is not open, it will drop down suddenly. And knock over whatever beverage I have stupidly placed in front of it. The first time it was a tall glass of water which tipped into my lap. It was hot chai today, and I caught it before it hit me, but so violent was my "save" that I have spent the past 10 minutes wiping up all the tea that got onto and into my printer...

*sigh* No humility without humiliation...


  1. Let's all place bets on how many drinks will be spilled before Nadja learns her lesson. Wanna?


  2. Kinda makes you wish I had a webcam, doesn't it?


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