Sunday, November 2, 2008

Free ePattern from Sense & Sensibility

I'm only a novice on the sewing machine, but I hope to become more proficient in time. You may have noticed the link for Sense & Sensibility Patterns in my Other Favorite Links box. Jennie Chancey has the most beautiful, feminine historic patterns, and she even has online instructions for creating many of them. Now she is offering ePatterns, downloadable to your computer, and to anyone who is willing to post a link to the ePatterns on a blog (or email 10 friends with the link), she will give one of her ePattern free of charge.

So if you sew, it may be something for you! Here is the link to the ePatterns.


  1. Thanks for always leaving your kind words of support, they have meant a lot. It's funny I just sat for dinner with my family and made the announcement that I wasn't sure I would blog anymore and all of them were upset-even hubby. I didn't expect that. Maybe I just need a 40 day fast from it or something.


  2. That's it, you may just need a sabbatical, time to do what you must. If you find yourself itching to blog, post something. There are some bloggers who only post every three weeks or so.

    Take care, and god bless you and yours.

  3. Oooh...these are wonderful!! I really do need to learn to sew. My girls would love any one of Jennie's beautiful dresses.


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