Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why am I not asleep?

I ought to be. I went to bed two hours ago.

But Gabriel came into my room and said his tummy hurt. And just before bed he swallowed a dime. Yes, yes, he's five years old and I can't believe he did that either. And I don't know whether the tummy ache is real or imagined, because he says it is not too bad, but he also rarely wakes up at night...

I just checked on him in my room. He was still awake and said his tummy wasn't hurting so much, but it was growling. So he is in the living room having animal crackers and warm milk with honey. Maybe that will help him get to sleep. I wonder if it will help me get to sleep...

Oh, darn it, Gabe...why does a mother's love have to be so full of angst?


  1. "why does a mother's love have to be so full of angst?"

    I know just how you feel!

  2. How is Gabe today, Nadja? How are you? Tired?

  3. Hey, O.W., I was actually thinking of you when I posted that last night. I thought, "I'll bet Old Woman is up right now."

    Gabe is fine. Bret told him this morning, "You'll always be worth at least ten cents more than any of your siblings." Gabe didn't think it was funny. He said, "First you get mad at me, and then you tease me!" Kid has no sense of humor...

  4. Yep, I'll betcha I was up when you posted that last night. Ah man, you should have sent me an IM or something! A chat with me would have been the perfect thing to lull you back to sleep. :D


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