Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pardon me while my head explodes...

I just have too much on my mind. My wonderful mother-in-law is here (no, I am not being facetious; she is the easiest of guests), my dad is coming at the end of next week for a visit, I have promised the kids we would have our annual All Saints Day festivities, which include cookie decorating, games and a treasure hunt in which the clues are all in rhyme and the treasure is candy (why do I do these things?) and I have almost no Christmas shopping done. This time last year I was totally done! I spent November baking and writing cards. Ugh.

I would find Christmas so much easier if the celebratory part didn't belong to me exclusively. Since I married, I have "done" Christmas with the exception of putting the tree in the stand. I do all the shopping, baking, cooking, wrapping and card-writing. I do the crafts with the kids. I decorate the tree. I look forward to Lent. Yes, I know this all sounds very scrooge-like, and before I had five kids I loved Christmas. But now there are all these expectations. Dear me...someone out there, talk me into loving it again, please! Preferably without suggesting that I spend Christmas in a convent, which is tempting but impractical for my husband.


  1. I recommend the book, Unplug The Christmas machine. I believe it's in there that I found "permission" to discuss what works and doesn't work for Christmas, what is satisfying and what is not.

    I agree that there is so much more we could do to make it NOT DOING...saying no...

    Every year we are still working on it, tweaking it.

    I hope we both make headway this year. :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation.

    For me, organization has kept the feast holy by making sure the commercial part of the holiday was done with by the time Advent began. Gifts purchased and wrapped and set aside. That left November open for baking and decorating...more pleasant things. I could spend Advent focusing more on the coming of Our Lord and on creating traditions with my family.

    This year it is all chaos. November is upon us and I want to find a cave to crawl into until January!

    Say a little prayer for me...just that the Blessed Mother helps me to get done whatever NEEDS to get done. The rest is of no concern.


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