Monday, October 27, 2008


It is getting thick out there. For the past few weeks our priests have been, without mentioning names or parties, making it clear that one cannot be a Catholic in good standing with Rome and vote for our anti-life candidate. Yesterday I had the opportunity to socialize a bit after Mass with a few good folks and also a few good priests. Fear is rampant.

A friend and I discussed how naturally euthanasia follows a pro-abortion mentality, and how the elderly will be the next to suffer after the unborn. It is a small hop from abortion-on-demand to demanding abortion. What repercussions will there be for those who are carrying a child with a disability should they decide not to abort? Will they have to sign a waiver so that they claim no assistance from any governmental facility? And if we have a national health plan, will it refuse to treat assist such children? My friend and I are both perplexed as to how so many Americans can be so short-sighted.

I spoke to a couple of priests as well. One I asked, "So, are you priests beginning to feel a bit like those in Germany who chose to speak out against National Socialism before Hitler took control of the country?" The answer was yes. I said something about how I always pray for final perseverance for my family and for the faith and strength needed for martyrdom should it ever be required of us. This same priest replied, "Martyrdom is one thing. There is also prison. I don't know if I could survive prison." His seriousness was piercing to me, as this is a priest known to us for his jocularity and laughter.

One thing is certain: we are living in critical times. We stand on the brink of at very least a spiritual, if not political, precipice and much hangs in the balance.

I fear very bad times lie ahead, but like those people who prepared for Y2K, purchasing sacks of wheat, rice and beans in order to weather the storm they expected, I will be delighted if I am proven wrong.

In any case, we must pray hard right now and beg God's mercy for this country. Pray the rosary, make acts of reparation, do penance for those who have turned their backs on God. Ask Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas, to save our country and shelter us from whatever may lie before us. Give her our children, born and unborn. And be not afraid.

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