Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't ask me about this one...

Sebastian made this balloon headdress for himself and proceeded to pose with it. No explanation. He's just weird, that's all.


  1. Um...that's sort of like calling my cooking interesting, isn't it?

  2. Looks just like something one of my kiddos would do. We're creative...umm...interesting...well, weird here too.

    Wonder what would happen if your boy filled those balloons with helium.


  3. LOVE weird, we're all about the weird.

    Our long as they think we're crazy, we're safe!

  4. Gee, I like your motto. Our motto around here is, "As long as they land on their heads, they'll be okay." We happen to have some very accident-prone kids. Luckily, cinder-block skulls run in the family.

    Perhaps Sebastian's balloon headdress is for some of the tender-heads out there.


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