Monday, September 29, 2008

Souvenirs from Bavaria

A few things my mother brought back from Germany for us. She says she's putting a few items aside for Christmas, but today felt a bit like Christmas with her visit! Clockwise from top left: a candle from the Bavarian shrine at Altoetting with an image of the "black Madonna", Melissengeist, which is an herbal tonic, the main ingredient of which is Lemon balm. It is great for stomach problems, nervousness, insomnia and also improves circulation. The little box is Baldrian Perlen, little valarian tablets, also for nerves and stress (real mommy products here--or maybe just products for the time in which we live!). Next is a cloth tea strainer...have trouble finding such things here, and mine has been in use for nearly 20 years, but it is about time to retire it. Four kerchiefs, all very Bavarian, and a "platter" of marzipan cleverly disguised as a Bavarian lunch: two Weisswurst, two radishes, a pretzel and a blob of mustard.
For Una and Sebastian, a German-made porcelain doll in Bavarian garb and a little Bierstein with a pewter lid.
Adrian got a little backpack with a German cartoon or storybook character on it.
Gabriel got a little lock and key money box with five dollars in it.
And Dominic got this adorable little metal case with his very own set of silverware.

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